The FAA estimates that by 2020, there could be approx. 30,000 drones operating in US domestic airspace alone. Sites dedicated to US national security and defence have estimated that every country in the world will have military drone technology within the next 10 years.

The rise of drones is not an isolated or temporary event; the cyber battlefront is quickly becoming one of the most active in international conflicts. “Information warfare,” a term generally including both drones and cyber warfare, is giving rise to the
unnerving creation of new threats.

learjet 55 ontwerp PHMEDAirbulance BV flew long range medivac flights with a Learjet 55.
Repatriation of severely wounded people, mostly from Africa and the Middle East, who preferred medical attention in Western Europe were flown in a dedicated ambulance jet. The crew included a trauma doctor and an IC nurse.

Regrettably, the aircraft was stolen in Central Africa, which ended the otherwise successful operation.

Cat Hangars

Lelystad Airport (IATA: LEY, ICAO: EHLE) is the biggest general aviation airport in The Netherlands. An approved expansion of the airport has started in 2012 with a runway extension up to 1.600m which is sufficient for mid size aircraft for maintenance visits (MRO). Phase two will allow budget airlines and holiday charters, using aircraft such as the B 737 and the A 320 series, to operate from Lelystad. The expansion will include a longer runway of 2.100 m (6900 ft).

Xegasus is a co-founding minority shareholder of Catalina Hangar BV, a private initiative. We have built in 2010 the first commercial large size hangar capacity at Lelystad Airport, able to accommodate 737’s and A320’s or similar aircraft.

Eric fougafouga in the air 3Some 20 years the Dutch Historic jet Association flew a former French Air Force fighter trainer jet, the Fouga Magister CM-170. Operations were from Lelystad Airport (ICAO: EHLE) in cooperation with the Aviodrome Aviation Museum. Finally in 2018 the aircraft was sold and returned to France.

Dr Van der Hoog Natuurlijke Klasse

Dr. Van der Hoog is a renowned domestic Dutch cosmetics brand. It is well known for its facial masks and hypo-allergenic cremes, which were also sold tax free at Schiphol Airport. The originally family owned company was sold to Santesa Holding in 2008.